100% fat

100% cooking fat has a wide range of applications. As a substitute for animal fat, but also as a replacement for table margarine, it can be used to make light pastries. It is also suitable for the production of filled wafers and confections. Some types are also suitable for making chocolates, chocolate dye thinning, ice cream making and high-fat doughs.

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100% fat packages are available in 5 kg blocks, some are available in 10 kg and 15 kg ‘bag in box’ type packs.


Product name

Fat content

Packaging options

2.5kg block 5kg block maxi pallet sheets 10kg BiB 15kg BiB 10kg plastic canister
carton 10 kg = 4 blocks x 2.5kg
pallet 720 kg = 72 ctn. x 10kg
carton 10 kg = 2 blocks x 5kg
pallet 720 kg = 72 ctn. x 10kg
pallet 700 kg = 140 blocks x 5 kg carton 10 kg = 5 sheets x 2 kg
pallet 720 kg = 72 ctn. x 10kg
carton 10kg bag in box
pallet 720 kg = 72 ctn. x 10kg
carton 15kg bag in box
pallet 720 kg = 48 ctn. x 15kg
pallet 600 kg = 60 can. x 10 kg
100% fat Favorit N 100%
100% fat Favorit P 100%
100% fat Favorit RP 100%
100% fat Omega Frit 100%
100% fat Favorit SOFT 100%
100% fat FRITKO 100%
100% fat Accento Fritovací 100%
100% fat Accento Eko Soft 100%
100% fat Accento Náplňový 100%
100% fat Accento SOFT 100%
100% fat Palmový tuk 100%

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