Puff pastry

By 16. January 2018Roll-in margarine

It is a dough made without yeast, only from flour, water and table margarine, and if necessary 1-2% vinegar (according to the quality of the flour and the processing method). The dough is well-mixed, homogenised, flexible and cooler than a regular yeast dough. The temperature of the margarine and the dough should be approximately the same. Temperatures should be between 15 and 20 oC. The dough has to stand for at least 15 min, which will improve its physical properties.

Recipe and description of the procedure:

T-512 wheat flour …………. 1000g
Table margarine (Favorit S 80%)…….   100g
Salt ……………………………………………..  10g
Cold water (3°C) ……………………. 500 – 550 ml ( 350 ml cold water, 150 g ice cubes )
Favorit T/T-extra 80% for folding ..     900g

Mixing the dough: 3 min slow + 4 min fast
Let the dough rest: 15 – 20 min
Folding the dough: 1 × 3 and 1 × 4 – 30 – 45 min rest in the refrigerator and 1 × 3 and 1 × 4 – refrigerator rest 30 – 45 min – 144 layers
Time to make the final product before baking:  approx. 15 min
Baking temperature: 210 to 220 °C

Procedure: Mix flour, salt, table margarine and cold water (part of the water can also be substituted with ice cubes). The consistency of the dough must always be adapted to the consistency of the margarine. The soft margarine tries to “escape” from the dough, while hard margarine pulls the dough and does not compress itself – it does not form a uniform fat layer until the dough breaks.

The results of soft (top) and hard margarine (below)

The finished dough is divided into the desired loaves and allowed to rest for 15 min on a worktop covered with a clean cloth so that a skin does not appear on the surface. Leave the dough to rise and the pulled margarine is wrapped in.

The dough unfolds on a roller machine at a thickness of 9 – 10 mm and consists of 1 x 3, then the dough turns 90° and re-unfolds to a thickness of 9 – 10 mm and consists of 1 x 4.

Folding 3 times

Folding 4 times

After these operations, the dough is wrapped in food foil so that it does not dry out on the surface and is stored in a refrigerator (not in a freezer) for 35 – 45 min so that the temperature of the margarine equalise and the dough will breathe. After the time has elapsed, the process is repeated and the dough is again allowed to rest in the refrigerator for 35 – 45 min.

After all operations have finished, the dough is ready for final unrolling and shaping. Prior to baking, the recommended raw products should be left out for about 15 to 30 min (depending on the type and size of the product), egg wash, and then the final product is placed in the oven.

The finished wrapped dough will last for 2 days in the refrigerator.