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Our story to the present

“Our company in Beluša was founded in 1995 by the Dutch group Brinkers, which has a history of more than 100 years. In 1997, the production of margarines and vegetable fats was put into operation. Over the next decades, the company has become one of the most important producers and suppliers of margarines for the bakery and confectionery industry in Central Europe. In 2008, the Norwegian Orkla Group became the new owner of the Beluša plant, through the Swedish company KaKa AB, which is currently our 100% shareholder. Along with its partners, Beluša Foods is today leader in Slovak and Czech markets, well known and respected player in Hungary and Poland, and is extending its operations to other countries.“

About the company

Since 2008, Beluša Foods s.r.o. has been part of the Norwegian concern ORKLA ASA, through the Swedish company Kaka Aktiebolag.

Assortment of margarines

We offer wide portfolio of margarines and fats for B2B partners and retail customers.





Our brands

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Tested in our bakery

Roll-in margarine

Puff pastry

It is a dough prepared without yeast, only flour, water and table margarine and according…
Roll-in margarine

Fine leavened sourdough puff pastry

It is a dough prepared with yeast from flour, water and table margarine, salt, sugar,…
Roll-in margarine

Danish puff pastry – Danish pastry dough

It is a dough prepared with cold flour yeast (if the technology requires it...)

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