Table margarine

It is a vegetable baking margarine, typically with a fat content of 80%. It is suitable for the production of bakery and confectionery products. It is universally suited for baking, even for preparing creams. You can use it on all kinds of sweet pastry doughs and on doughs that are rolled out, cut and piped.

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Favorit S 80%

Thanks to its unique formula, this margarine is also called a universal margarine. Thanks to the emulsifier it contains, this product is used in the production of creams and biscuits, as well as in the bakery where it is used from rolls through Christmas baked goods to donuts and cakes. This product is TFA-Free and manufactured in versions with and without salt. The product has a pleasant butter aroma, a creamy consistency and yellow-white colour.

Favorit S – eco 70%

Baker’s fat with 70% fat. It is used for the production of bakery products such as buns, rolls, and sandwiches, as well as in the production of biscuits and grated compounds. The product has a creamy consistency, buttery aroma, and a white-yellow colour. The product is TFA-Free.

Aima S 80%

This product is made for industrial customers. It is packaged in a maxi pallet of 140 x 5 kg, but also in a package 2 x 5 kg. The product is suitable for use in a bakery for the production of rolls, sandwiches, Christmas baked goods and light sour baked goods. This product is produced without colour and flavour. The product is TFA-Free.


Table margarines intended for bakery and confectionary operations are made in various packages.


Product name

Fat content

Packaging options

2.5 kg block 5kg block maxi pallet sheets 10kg BiB 15kg BiB 10kg plastic canister
carton 10 kg = 4 blocks x 2.5 kg
pallet 720 kg = 72 ctn. x 10 kg
carton 10 kg = 2 blocks x 5kg
pallet 720 kg = 72 ctn. x 10 kg
pallet 700 kg = 140 blocks x 5 kg carton 10 kg = 5 sheets x 2 kg
pallet 720 kg = 72 ctn. x 10 kg
carton 10 kg bag in box
pallet 720 kg = 72 ctn. x 10 kg
carton 15kg bag in box
pallet 720 kg = 48 ctn. x 15kg
pallet 600 kg = 60 can. x 10 kg
Table margarine Favorit S 80%
Table margarine Favorit S-Eco 70%
Table margarine Favorit A (s termostabilnou arómou) 80%
Table margarine Accento Cake 70%
Table margarine Accento Cake 80%
Table margarine Alfa Gastro 70%
Table margarine Aima S 80%
Table margarine Stolový margarín 80%

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